Snow in San Antonio February 04, 2011

Simple Winter Tips for Your Garage Door

Remember that one day when it snowed in San Antonio? It was February 4, 2011 and even though it wasn’t nearly as close to the 13 inches of snow in 1985, it was certainly fun and unexpected!

With winter rapidly approaching, preparing your garage door and garage door opener is an absolute must for any homeowner. You will want to check and lubricate any and all bearings, rollers, hinges, and torsion springs on your garage door with a 3 in 1 spray lubricant. Since your opener will also be feeling the effects of this upcoming cold weather, there are a few things that you as a homeowner can check for. Run your garage door opener up and down and listen for any squeaks, rattles, or popping noises made by your opener. If you see or hear anything out of the ordinary make sure to contact us, as the problem may be easily fixable without a costly repair.

Note: It is not recommended for any person to make any adjustments to any part of a garage door without proper tools or training. Have a trained service professional make any and all adjustments to your garage door and opener that may be needed. If you have any questions or concerns about your garage door or opener, give us a call or visit our contact us page, and one of our trained technicians will be happy to be of assistance to you.